Sweet Shop

Maybe you like a soft sweet chocolate that oozes caramel. Or maybe the snap of a toffee between your teeth is what you crave. Or just maybe, you like your Sweets to conceal crunchy nutty goodness. No matter how you like it, we have over 100 varieties of chocolate and sweet that is right for you!


These handmade hand dipped chocolates and sweets, made from only the finest ingredients are by far, the best we’ve found. All chocolates and sweets have a loyalty and perfect packaging if you like to give as a gift for any ceremony.




YASHAR PALACE Sweet Shop has over 100 varieties of handmade Iranian Sweets including Shirazi Fallodah and Saffron Ice Cream also a variety of Iranian Nuts and dried fruits.

Ice Cream & Falodeh

Ice Cream & Falodeh Shirazi